Sandro Narciso was born on the 13th August of 1990 in Sesto San Giovanni, a small town in Milan’s urban area. He approached violin for the first time at the age of 18, learning how to play it from a professional violin teacher. After few years of studying and practicing, he also started falling in love with the luthiery crafting techniques of stringed instruments, making his first violin as a self-taught luthier. In 2015, after graduating in “Natural and Environmental Sciences” at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Sandro moved with a burning passion to Florence to become a student at the “Scuola di Liuteria Toscana Fernando Ferroni”. There, he learned all the traditional violinmaking methods and skills in an intensive two-year professional training program. Afterwards, in 2017, under the guidance of Maestro Fabio Chiari, Sandro obtained his official Diploma as violinmaker and that same year he decided to open a bottega in his hometown. At the present, his main activity is crafting full hand-made classic violins, viols and Baroque-style violins, following with meticulous care the luthiery Italian tradition, from the selection of the wood up to the use of natural varnishes. In his shop, Sandro also offers all-around maintenance and set-up services on both recent and aged instruments.